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Webster Lake Promenade

Galloway Architecture, Engineering, Surveying

Client Name

Hawkins Development and the City of Northglenn


Northglenn, CO


10.9 acres, 475,000 sf

Galloway provided comprehensive engineering services for Webster Lake Promenade on behalf of Hawkins Development, the City of Northglenn, and the Northglenn Urban Renewal Authority. Galloway Director of Architecture Kristoffer Kenton provided the architectural design for this project prior to joining Galloway.

Located at I-25 and 120th in Northglenn, CO, the site is 10.9 acres and offers 475,000 sf of leasable space. Galloway’s services included civil engineering and entitlements, roadway improvements to 120th Avenue, and engineering of the existing city infrastructure. Galloway also prepared a utility study on behalf of the City of Northglenn that analyzed the city’s sanitary sewer and water systems for capacity and current condition.

For the sanitary system, Galloway provided extensive modeling of the existing system and also addressed a deeply buried and aged pipe system by utilizing a CIPP (cure in place pipe) system to repair existing clay pipes without open trenching the entire system. Water challenges were also effectively addressed on the site through Galloway’s modeling and field testing to determine pressure and flow rates. Concerns about water pressure for an adjacent hotel were addressed by determining additional connections to create redundancy and increase pressure needed for fire protection. Onsite, most of the existing water lines were removed and replaced with a new water loop through the property.

Drainage also posed challenging to this site, and Galloway effectively addressed the issue by designing and implementing three above-ground water quality ponds that capture site stormwater, collect sediment and trash, and drain to a subterranean 73,000 cubic foot stormwater detention system.


Kristoffer Kenton

Director of Architecture

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