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Galloway & Company, Inc.

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Galloway & Company, Inc.

Architecture & Engineering Firm

Complex design projects often need multifaceted solutions envisioned by an enthusiastic and diverse team of professionals who are as passionate about your project as you are.

Galloway addresses all your design needs – from architecture and civil engineering, to survey and traffic engineering by providing a streamlined process that can eliminate the need to coordinate multiple consultants, enhance design efficiency, and facilitate a more collaborative team.

For 40 years, Galloway has been a nationally recognized industry leader. We are the only design firm in the industry providing our Full-Spectrum Approach  to support more successful projects. This approach utilizes a unique multidisciplinary mindset to create better project solutions.

Our team of talented professionals foster highly responsive relationships and work collaboratively with you to understand your unique goals. This allows us to create customized solutions that address the specific needs of your project. With over 250 professionals holding registrations in 49 states, we have the ability to bring your project to life.

Providing a Full-Spectrum Approach™ to Design

Galloway’s Full-Spectrum Approach™ is a multidisciplinary mindset that is unique to our industry. Few A/E firms can leverage the collective knowledge and experience of 13 in-house disciplines for each project they design, but Galloway can. Our daily interaction and collaboration among disciplines gives each team member a heightened awareness and understanding of the entire design process that supports the complete design package. Regardless of our project role – whether one discipline or a full-service scope – our team brings a greater understanding of the bigger picture, which means better solutions for our clients.

Our in-house team includes a diverse set of professionals from disciplines that span the architecture and engineering industry. We’ll use this collective knowledge to deliver the high level of quality and service you expect. By assessing your project with a multidisciplinary lens, we’re able to provide creative solutions that align with your vision.

Our Full-Spectrum Approach™ also provides proactive collaborative insights and ideas in order to anticipate and avoid potential obstacles that may occur during the lifecycle of the project. We’ll develop a highly responsive relationship with your team to properly address needs as they arise. We’ve found that this is the most effective way to ensure your project runs smoothly.

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Our Focus Is On People

The high-quality services we deliver would mean nothing without the people involved. In fact, we truly make people are our top priority. This includes our staff, our clients and our community at large. Everything we do is geared towards enriching the lives of the people we impact.

Everyone in the Galloway community is part of our family; and at its core, a family supports one another. We strive to provide the support necessary to ensure all people in our community thrive:

Comprehensive Architecture, Engineering & Survey Services

We’ve learned a lot about project success over the past 40 years, and we know that offering a comprehensive suite of services is not only good for our clients, but good for our professionals. Whether we are providing one service or our complete suite of services, our team has the unique opportunity to work with other disciplines on a daily basis, gaining a deeper understanding of the overall design process and leveraging this knowledge on behalf of our clients.

Civil Engineering Services

Galloway has a long history of civil engineering success. Since the company’s inception, our careful attention to detail and defined processes have helped ensure that projects are delivered successfully, meeting the highest standard of care while on schedule and on budget. Whether in the beginning stages of the project, currently working through the design, or in the construction phase, experience and insight help our projects succeed every step of the way.

Learn more about our Civil Engineering Services.

Architecture Services

Galloway’s architecture team doesn’t view design as an isolated exercise – it is both a visual and analytical process that looks at projects holistically.  From the initial vision, to functionality of the overall site, building performance, and aesthetics, architecture requires the integration of all the disciplines cohesively working together.  Our internal team strives to be agents for our clients, from initial concept through construction. This in-house team integrates all key elements of the design process – including MEP engineering, structural engineering, and interior design – to support our complete practice.

Learn more about our Architecture Services.

Survey Services

Galloway offers comprehensive survey services to ensure you have the highly accurate data that your project needs. Our team has extensive experience providing survey services for federal and municipal projects, residential subdivisions, and commercial land development. We utilize state-of-the art equipment and a highly experienced team to get you the information you need.

Learn more about our Survey Services.

Additional Services

Development Services

Our Development Services team works diligently with stakeholders and communicates with local municipalities on your behalf to keep your project moving forward and ensure it is completed on time.


Galloway’s nationally-recognized fuel system design program offers highly-specialized knowledge for commercial retailers, fleet facilities, distribution facilities and airports.

Interior Design

Our creative and experienced interior design team offers exceptional solutions for space planning, conceptual design, tenant improvement projects, and final finish selection.

Landscape Architecture

We provide landscape architecture services for projects ranging in size from one acre to master-planned communities. It is important to our designers that the plans are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional and easy to maintain.

MEP Engineering

Galloway’s MEP engineering team is highly knowledgeable in the current technologies and trends for a wide variety of project types.  Whether working in conjunction with our architecture team, or with outside consultants, they provide efficient, safe and reliable design while complying with all applicable building codes.

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineers are highly experienced in a wide variety of building types and structural designs. They are committed to supporting the architects design expectations while creating optimal design solutions.

Traffic Engineering

Successful traffic engineering helps clients build more accessible projects. Our specialized knowledge can assist with all aspects of traffic engineering, including traffic studies, site access and circulation, traffic signals/control devices, and parking.

Water Resources

We offer a wide range of solutions to evaluate, protect, design and manage water as an integrated resource. Our water resources team provides design solutions ranging from master drainage plan studies to the hydrologic adequacy of dams.

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