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Vision, Purpose & Values

We know that today every business is trying to build their culture and engage their team.

At Galloway, we aren’t any different, except we’ve been investing in our people, our client’s causes and our community for decades — long before it was fashionable.

Galloway is a legacy company. We intend to be around to serve generations of clients like you. Which brings us back to our people.

We keep the momentum going with a good foundation built on a team that have a shared spirit and desire to be thoughtful and purposeful.

Our Vision

Build a legacy company that is nationally recognized and locally preferred.

Our Purpose

Enrich people’s passions.

Our Values


We Value People.

We foster relationships, build personal connections, recognize achievement, collaborate, maintain a healthy personal and professional perspective, respect everyone, and recognize the strength and inherent value of diversity.

We Work Hard.

We are disciplined, productive and efficient, work smart, treat challenges as exciting opportunities to excel, and are committed to do whatever it takes.

We Live With Integrity.

We do what is right, obsess about quality, are attentive, honor commitments, exceed expectations, and always demonstrate excellence.

We Embrace Entrepreneurial Spirit.

We encourage innovation, support self-starters, challenge the status quo, embrace fresh ideas, and continually seek new ways to improve.

We Build Community.

We foster an amazing workplace culture, advance our industry, help others excel, take the lead on important causes, give back, and actively advance the lives of others.

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