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Diversity Initiative

Galloway is dedicated to creating and fostering a culture of inclusion that celebrates and values differences to aid in our collective growth. 

We Value People

It is Galloway’s number one core value for a reason.  Nothing is more fundamental than recognizing and respecting the inherent worth of every individual. Bias and discriminatory practices against anyone have no place in our companies or in our communities.

We Live With Integrity

We do what is right.  We believe in treating everyone, regardless of our differences, with dignity and respect. 

We Build Community

We will embrace important causes that advance the lives of others.  It is our responsibility to lift up and empower those around us, and to be the change that will lead us to an equitable tomorrow.

Galloway Diversity Networks

GROW – Galloway Recognizes Opportunities for Women

GPOC – Galloway People of Color

G-Pride – Galloway LGBTQ+

The Three Pillars of Our Initiative


“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

At Galloway, we believe in getting involved in our communities. Connecting and contributing our time and talents is one of the most valuable ways we can make a difference in our local surroundings.

As part of our diversity initiative, we are partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of America! This organization offers a myriad of ways  for all our office locations to make a direct impact in the lives of underserved children.  In support of this initiative, we will be focusing on clubs that serve a high number of minority participants.

The Boys and Girls Club provides this startling statistic: “By the time they reach 6th grade, middle class kids have likely spent 6,000 more hours learning than kids born into poverty.”  How could we not get involved?

In addition to being a place for children of working parents to do activities and homework, the Boys and Girls Club focuses on educationally-enriching activities to inspire and empower the kids.

Additionally, we are excited to continue our partnership with the ACE Mentorship Program of Colorado! ACE serves high school-aged youth who want to explore careers in architecture, construction and engineering. We seek to volunteer at historically underprivileged schools so we can provide assistance where it is most needed. To create a legacy of empowered students and future industry leaders, we also provide an annual scholarship to help highly-motivated STEM students pursue college opportunities.

Charitable Giving

In addition to donating our time, we help our community become more inclusive by supporting organizations with similar values who are taking positive action for diversity.

We are proud to be a Silver Sponsor and Corporate Partner of the Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce.

The CBCC’s vision is to serve the needs of African American owned businesses and provide economic opportunity and support to them as well as the communities they serve.

Our membership dues will aid the CBCC’s programs that uplift these communities both professionally and personally, and we are excited to find ways to increase our involvement in this organization that does so much for the community.


In order to educate ourselves and come together as a company, we regularly host a Lunchtime Conversation series — a book-club style gathering for discussions.

These conversations create a forum for safe, open and honest conversation around challenging and important topics, welcoming all questions and viewpoints. They aim to educate and provide awareness on subjects that promote diversity and equity within our company and community.

Lunchtime Conversations have included discussion around essays on the wealth gap, infrastructure segregation, the history of racism in the U.S., and how to talk about racism to your children (hosted by our GROW initiative).