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Land Survey

Great projects start from the ground up with great land surveying.

At Galloway, our highly experienced, licensed land surveyors draw on their many years of experience and the latest technologies to uncover a property’s history and geography while providing accurate, reliable data to support the project.  Our land survey services include property line survey, boundary survey and topographic surveying.

Our team offers a diversity of property surveying knowledge that supports accurate data for a variety of projects. In addition to Galloway’s long-time presence in the communities we serve, our survey team offers collective experience and “lessons learned” from across the country that they will bring to the table for every project. Much of our survey leadership has worked together for the last 15 years (and counting), which leads to an intuitive, synergistic workflow that is unique to most teams. They have established great working relationships with each other, which leads to an effective workflow process that is beneficial for all project stakeholders.

Galloway understands the need to remain competitive and has challenged the survey team and leadership to discover the latest technology advances that will benefit our clients’ projects and needs, and enhance our clients’ survey experience.

Galloway’s approach to property survey provides clients with complete and accurate data to support informed decisions throughout the project. Client success is Galloway’s goal, from design through construction, and we take pride in the high level of product quality and customer care.

Galloway’s licensed land surveyors utilize the latest technology, such as global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers (Trimble R12i), robotic total stations (Trimble S7), scanning total stations (Trimble SX10), Trimble Business Center (TBC), computer-aided drafting (Civil 3D 2019), and 3D laser scanning (Leica P20 and RTC 360). In addition, Galloway is subscribed to the Leica Smartnet RTK Network to create efficiency and data repeatability.

Galloway offers GIS services for all types of projects and data collection. We have staff members with GISP (GIS certifications) with over 15 years’ experience. Galloway has provided GIS services for our federal clients who require GIS as-builts completed to CORPS standards and to the unique base location datums as well. We have also provided GIS services for numerous municipalities who have required the survey teams information converted to a GIS format through ESRI GIS software. This has been a valued service for many of our clients.

Land Survey Services


An ALTA/NSPS (formerly ALTA/ACSM) Land Title Survey is designed to assist all parties in a commercial real estate transaction. This comprehensive product allows for a detailed view of an existing property.

Bathymetric Surveys

Bathymetric surveying measures the depth of a water body and also maps the underwater features.

Elevation & FEMA Certificates

This provides official elevation records for new and existing buildings in identified Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs).  FEMA encourages communities to use the FEMA-developed elevation certificate to fulfill this requirement.  It can also be used by the property owner when applying for flood insurance or requesting to be removed from flood insurance requirements.

GIS Services

A Geographic Information System (GIS) analyzes and displays geographically referenced information through a computer database.  All data is georeferenced.

GNSS/GPS Geodetic Control Surveys

Utilizes a satellite-based geodetic network to achieve highly accurate data collection. A GNSS/GPS geodetic control survey establishes high-precision GPS (latitude/longitude) positions on the surface of the earth, typically on monuments that have been determined stable from ground movement. These high-precision positioned monuments are meant to provide quality control for a specific area, horizontally and vertically, and are generally tied to a larger GPS network such as NGS CORS stations.

Legal Descriptions & Exhibits

A legal description and exhibit uniquely describes a subject area in a written document and map.  This is usually intended to be supplemental to legal documents generated by the client to create easements or conditions for a particular area.

Roadway Route Surveys

Roadway route surveys assess planning and preparation for the proposed route, horizontal and vertical curves, obstacles to curve location, compound and reverse curves, and transition spirals. This is usually an instrumental service in support of the transportation team for design.

Right of Way Surveys

Right of way surveys define the limits of the public traveled way and are typically included with roadway route surveys for design purposes but can be performed separately.

Subsidence Surveys

Subsidence surveys monitor the sinking or gradual settling of the ground’s surface.

Survey Consulting

Survey consulting is the professional land surveyor having a conversation with the client to discover/discuss solution-based options or approaches to meet project needs. This can include discussing the best survey deliverable to meet the clients goals or milestones and/or meetings with municipalities to discuss the best approach to navigate the city process. This may also include discussing the need to add other professionals into the project such as environmental engineers, title companies or a real estate attorney to address specific needs outside of the surveyors area of practice.

Subdivision Platting

Subdivision platting is the act of subdividing a larger parcel into small parcels/lots, which is recorded at the county clerk and recorder office. A subdivision plat can be performed for metes and bounds parcels or a subdivision replat can be performed for existing platted blocks or lots. This is required by many municipalities for the legal subdivision of land. It is usually part of the process for development of the property.

Title Commitment/Report Review

Title commitment/report review assist with discovery of utility and access easements onsite and offsite, right of ways, or other matters that may benefit or burden the property. This is generally a service requested during the due diligence portion of the project for the client to determine the feasibility of the land for the intended future use.

Topographic Surveys

A topographical survey depicts features of the earth’s surface in three dimensions.  They are most commonly used by design engineers for utility infrastructure, civil grading and discovery of potential concerns or constraints for the development of the property.

Utility Locating

Utility locating involves finding and marking below-ground utility lines based on utility locating equipment and available utility maps.

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Featured Survey Service: ALTA/NSPS Surveys

An ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey can mitigate potential post-acquisition surprises by providing a comprehensive view of the property.

Considered the “Gold Standard” of surveys, an ALTA survey is a boundary survey that also depicts existing easements listed in a title commitment in addition to the existing improvements. It is the only type of survey with national standards recognized by title companies and lending institutions.

While purchasing or mortgaging property can be a risky investment, an ALTA survey helps enable a smooth transaction by uncovering any potential ownership risks before the title changes hands.

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