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Walmart Fuel

Galloway Architecture, Engineering, Surveying

Client Name

Walmart Stores, Inc.


Multiple locations throughout the western U.S., including CO, KS, NM, MT, UT and WY

Completion Date

Fall 2017 - Current


1+ acres

Project Cost

Approx. $2M

Galloway provides comprehensive land development services for numerous Walmart fueling facilities, including civil engineering, landscape architecture, planning, site lighting, site design, traffic engineering, and surveying.

These sites involve carving out fueling areas from existing Walmart Supercenter parking lots to accommodate fuel kiosks or small convenience stores, multiple product dispensers, and canopies. Access improvements are often included, leveraging existing site features to minimize construction costs. Regardless, some degree of regrading, utility relocations, and parking lot modifications is typically necessary.

In addition to site development services such as layout, grading, drainage, utilities design, and landscape architecture, Galloway spearheads coordination efforts with local jurisdictional agencies for approvals, manages developer negotiations, facilitates internal coordination with Walmart, handles submittal requirements, and manages project schedules and budgets. Galloway also proactively engages with the communities served by Walmart to ensure project alignment and success.

Galloway effectively tackles the challenges of Walmart’s stormwater compliance process by deeply understanding Walmart’s construction stormwater guidelines and local project requirements. This expertise is crucial for navigating Walmart’s rigorous review process for Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) projects.


Brandon Alley

Land Development Team Manager

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Tasha Bolivar

Development Services Team Manager

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