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Walmart/Sam’s Club National Programs

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Walmart Inc.



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Since 2004, Galloway has provided multidisciplinary services for several national Walmart programs, including civil engineering, architectural design, site development, landscape architecture, traffic engineering, and site lighting.

The programs include:

Ground-Up Walmart, Walmart Neighborhood Stores, and Sam’s Clubs Program

Galloway extensively coordinates with Walmart’s designated design and real estate managers, as well as Galloway’s chosen subconsultant team, to provide site development design for the construction ground-up stores. These stores range from 40,000sf to 200,000sf and are situated on properties ranging from approximately 5 to 20 acres of land.

Galloway provides comprehensive site development services including site layout, grading, drainage, utilities design, roadway improvements, landscape, irrigation, site lighting, traffic studies, and signal design. In addition, Galloway leads coordination efforts with local jurisdictional agencies approvals, handles developer negotiations, internal Walmart coordination, submittal requirements, project schedules, and budgets. To ensure the project stays on course, Galloway proactively coordinates with the communities Walmart will serve.

Galloway effectively meets the challenges associated with Walmart’s stormwater compliance process with a deep understanding of Walmart’s construction stormwater guidelines and the local requirements for each of the projects. This is a crucial part of Walmart’s intensive review process for all Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) projects. Due to Walmart’s extensive stormwater management requirements and Galloway’s two-decade involvement in this program, Galloway outpaces many engineering firms in stormwater management compliance and is at the forefront of the ever-changing industry.

Walmart Fuel Program

Galloway provides comprehensive land development services for numerous Walmart fueling facilities, including civil engineering, landscape architecture, planning, site lighting, site design, traffic engineering, and surveying.

These sites involve carving out fueling areas from existing Walmart Supercenter parking lots to accommodate fuel kiosks or small convenience stores, multiple product dispensers, and canopies. Access improvements are often included, leveraging existing site features to minimize construction costs. Regardless, some degree of regrading, utility relocations, and parking lot modifications is typically necessary.

In addition to site development services such as layout, grading, drainage, utilities design, and landscape architecture, Galloway spearheads coordination efforts with local jurisdictional agencies for approvals, manages developer negotiations, facilitates internal coordination with Walmart, handles submittal requirements, and manages project schedules and budgets. Galloway also proactively engages with the communities served by Walmart to ensure project alignment and success.

Galloway also effectively tackles the challenges of Walmart’s stormwater compliance process as we do for their ground-up stores for their fueling program.

Walmart Distribution Center Program

Galloway has provided development services for multiple Walmart distribution centers in coordination with Walmart. These services include pavement expansion, truck access drive rehabilitation, and detention pond improvements.

The scope of work has included:

Galloway successfully addressed numerous challenges and special considerations for these projects, which included phasing and temporary trailer parking, as all centers remained operational during construction; preservation of existing in-service underground utilities throughout the design and construction process; phasing of installation of BMPs to meet Walmart SWPPP guidelines; lighting design that addressed requirements for expanded parking lot pavement areas; and establishment of the most cost-effective repair or expansion plan, in coordination with the design manager, given the project’s specific construction budget constraints.

Walmart Remodel Program

Galloway provides architectural design, civil engineering, and survey services for Walmart’s national store remodel program. The focus of this program is to improve the customer experience regarding the online pickup process and promote a sense of pride for the associates in each store.

The initiative involves mostly interior renovation and brand refresh/updating, as well as making modifications to both the store interior and exterior to accommodate Walmart’s online pickup component. Interior improvements include removing barriers to increase accessibility, creating more space between registers, painting the interior and exterior of the stores, fixing damaged spaces, adding automation to increase online grocery pickup and delivery, adding drone delivery, and adding optometry and other health services.

To accomplish these interior improvements, our survey team conducts 3D laser scans of all interior spaces, including bathrooms, third-party vendors, mechanical rooms, back of house, offices, break rooms, training rooms, bakery, deli, pharmacy, automobile department, and garden centers. The 3D scans are then used to create a Revit model and virtual tours for our architects to conduct inspections. Additionally, aerial surveys are completed via drone flight to capture all exterior walls, doors, loading docks, and roof features.

Civil improvements include modification of existing striping and signage along the front drive and other critical areas to provide a safer, more consistent experience for the customer. Additionally, pickup improvements involve relocating customer pickup stalls to accommodate the new online pickup component, or in some cases, the relocation of the existing pickup service. Associate paths are analyzed, as well as customer traffic flow and incorporated into the design.

The remodels range from 40,000 to 200,000 sf and require coordination to provide documents for jurisdictional review. Our team also works with Walmart and the general contractor to eliminate risks such as delays in permitting or construction to ensure successful projects.

Walmart Expansion Program

To remain competitive against its competitors, Walmart is expanding its online pickup services. Depending on the project budget and store’s performance, a remodel or expansion need is determined. To accommodate the additional space for expansion, Galloway provides civil engineering and architectural design services to convert the parking area into roughly a 1,000sf – 8,000sf building addition to store and stage products for associates to compile orders. Civil design works with the existing infrastructure of the affected area to accommodate the new building, including demolition, relocation of utilities, including storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water, regrading and paving, restriping pavement, upgrading signage, adding pick up stalls, and modification of site lighting and landscaping as needed to accommodate the improvements. Galloway’s landscape architecture team provides irrigation services.

 Walmart Pavement Program

Galloway is providing civil engineering and survey services for Walmart’s Pavement Program for locations in Utah, Colorado, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, Minnesota, New Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii. The program aims to create a safer and better customer experience.

The scope of the work entails analyzing existing store sites for asphalt and concrete cracking, deterioration, holes, etc. to determine what needs to be replaced. Specific areas of heavy usage are particularly focused on, such as the front and delivery drives.

Galloway then provides Walmart with different options based on multiple cost-benefit analyses. Once a plan is selected, Galloway provides civil plans and specifications. These plans often include curb and gutter removal or replacement, a full demo and rebuild of asphalt, mill and overlay, concrete panel replacements, seal coating, and restriping.

Walmart Market Fulfillment Centers Program

Galloway is providing civil engineering services for retrofitting existing buildings with market fulfillment centers (MFCs) and futureproofing MCFs for new construction. These MCFs will allow Walmart to enhance their online pickup services to better serve their customers.


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