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King Soopers #146

Client Name

King Soopers


Fort Collins, Colorado

Completion Date

January 2025


11 acres | 123,722 sf

To accommodate the rapid residential growth in Fort Collins, Colorado, improvements are being made to College Avenue, a major thoroughfare that services the city. This new 123,722 sf King Soopers is expected to be a catalyst for future development and improvements to the College-Drake intersection.

The approximately 11-acre site is an infill project and redevelopment of an existing dilapidated Kmart. In addition to the grocery store building, a seven-pump King Soopers Fueling Center will replace an existing vacant building on the northeast corner of the site.

The grocery store will include a drive-thru pharmacy, parking spots for its grocery pickup program, a promenade on the west side of the building, pedestrian corridors through the site to promote multi-modal circulation, and a garden-themed outdoor plaza on the south side.

Emphasis was put on creating an active storefront experience using patio areas, landscaping, and walkable areas to enliven the customer and pedestrian experience. The landscaping follows the guidelines in the Midtown Plan and incorporates living materials and attractive hardscape areas that establish cohesiveness with the existing architecture.

The pedestrian corridors tie into the store fronts of the existing shopping center to the north, connectivity from the mixed-use retail to College Avenue, and invite MAX BRT station users into the site, supporting transit-oriented development ideal.

The existing parking lot was reconfigured and resurfaced to provide more than 400 parking spaces. The site utilizes the existing offsite detention facilities, and the existing onsite storm sewer system was removed and realigned based on the new site plan.

Galloway’s site development team worked with the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) for tax increment financing (TIF), and the entitlements process endured multiple stakeholder and public hearings for project success. As part of Galloway’s King Soopers program, architectural design, civil engineering, site development, fueling, landscape architecture, and survey services were provided.

Construction is estimated to be complete in January 2025.


Phil Dalrymple

Sr. Associate
Civil Engineering Project Manager

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