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Kroger Site Improvement

Client Name

United Properties


Johnstown, Colorado

Completion Date

September 2023


6.75 acres | 57,000 sf building

Kroger launched a new 57,000 sf fulfillment center on a nearly seven-acre site in Johnstown, Colorado, expanding their grocery delivery service in the rapidly growing Northern Colorado region.

Located in an industrial park along U.S. 34, this facility will work alongside their automated fulfillment center in Aurora – a building for which Galloway also provided civil engineering, architectural design, and land survey services. As the Northern Colorado hub, it aims to be the core for customers throughout the region and enhance grocery access for residents, particularly those facing transportation challenges. With an extensive selection of products, the center seeks to make groceries more affordable for families in the area.

Galloway converted a portion of the original warehouse footprint into a parking lot. Specialized spaces with wider drive aisles and deeper spaces were required in the lot for a delivery fleet of more than 100 vehicles. An additional 186 spaces for employees were also incorporated to meet the growing needs of their workforce. As a cost-saving measure, the client requested that our team include the use of soil that remained from the construction of a different, unrelated Kroger site. The Galloway team developed an innovative design to create a berm at the site perimeter to create an enclosed boundary. Landscaping and plants were added to the berm, elevating it beyond a typical parking lot. Due to an electrical line conflicting with a storm drain inlet, our team moved the curb and gutter and pushed the inlet further.

In addition, our landscape architecture team created an exhibit for a document requested by the town to ensure that the trees would block the adjacent building. The exhibit showcased cross sections of the site, featuring renderings of the trees’ locations and sizes to address this need effectively.

Galloway provided civil engineering, landscape architecture, and land survey services supporting this vital project.


Robert Van Uffelen

Sr. Civil Engineering Project Manager & Northern Colorado Regional Manager

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