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Kroger Automated Fulfillment Center

Client Name

Ryan Companies


Aurora, Colorado

Completion Date

March 2023


49.8 acres | 285,000 sf buillding

The automated Kroger fulfillment center is a 285,000 sf facility located in Aurora, Colorado, providing grocery delivery for customers across the region. The facility expands the Kroger brand into one of the fastest-growing areas and provides an increased workforce. In addition to employing 400 associates, the facility is highly automated with robotics and artificial intelligence powered by Ocado Group.

Galloway provided civil engineering, landscape architecture, and survey services for the 49.8-acre site. The site work involved the distribution facility and the associated fuel station, van wash, and repair shop. Significant coordination was required with the developer throughout multiple phases of the project to ensure the infrastructure they provided was designed to tie into the site appropriately.

The civil engineering design included three water detention facilities, water mains, and sewer mains throughout the site. Due to the proximity to Denver International Airport, the plant species and pond drain times were extensively considered, and coordination with a geotechnical engineer for soil testing helped establish a balanced site.

Galloway’s survey team provided ALTA and topo surveys and construction staking for the building and site improvements. This included setting and maintaining site horizontal and vertical control, building grid lines and prefab wall corners, beam locations, curb and gutter, verification of constructed improvements, set and as-built anchor bolts, second-floor gridlines, set gridlines on the roof, fueling station layout and utility lines.

The project had several other contractors working on the site, and Galloway was tasked with providing and managing the survey control for the entire project. This required a high level of coordination with the additional contractors and their layout teams to maintain the horizontal and vertical integrity of the project.

Through our connections on the site, Galloway was ultimately retained by several other contractors to provide survey services, including the layout of the “track” for the automated material handling machines.

Construction on this facility was completed in March 2023.


Brandon McCrary

Land Development Team Manager

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