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Galloway & Company, Inc.


You can learn a lot about Galloway by the company we keep.

For nearly four decades, we’ve built the business around our talented and diverse team of professionals, with each one adding exceptional discipline know-how and market insight. Professionals with experience enough to know what not to do as well as what solutions match your vision perfectly.

And it’s that same collaborative energy that has grown Galloway into a nationally recognized industry leader. Our clients are people like you who want to have a reliable partnership and work with people like us who are able to cover every angle with our full range of services.

Throughout the years, Galloway projects have been as equally diverse as our team, ranging from half-acre pad sites to master-planned communities for local developers as well as national programs.

Today Galloway has more than 150 professionals holding registrations in 46 states. We’ve designed our way through thousands of projects on behalf of hundreds of clients. Clients we’ve been honored to keep.


But bottom line, our people are why clients keep coming back and graciously keep referring us to others.

We’ve always had a love for the local project and the way it can change a community or grow a business, municipality or enterprise. Adding branches to the Galloway vision was just a natural progression that resulted in multiple offices in Colorado and a couple in Utah and California.

Our offices are filled with locals. It’s probably not surprising that we opened those offices around the people who live there and know the ins and outs of working local, but with a regional and national capacity to tackle just about any type of design and building project.

In Denver, and in all our branches, our people are preferred partners in their communities because of the successful projects they’ve stewarded and because they contribute by giving back. It goes along with our philosophy of shared success and being good citizens and caring neighbors.

It’s not a traditional business model. It’s a business modeled around its people.

Galloway & Company, Inc.

If we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside you before, welcome back. And please take a few extra minutes to discover our full capacity and perhaps a number of new ways we can work with you.

If we haven’t met yet and you have a project coming up, or if someone suggested you check us out, we’re honored by the referral and ready to live up to our reputation. You’ll find we’re comfortable with taking on any size project and our response time and talent will equal and surpass your expectations.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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