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The Kroger Co. Fueling Program

Galloway Architecture, Engineering, Surveying

Client Name

The Kroger Co.


National standards program

Since 1999, Galloway has provided program management for the national corporate fueling design and standards for Kroger Supermarket Petroleum.

Galloway’s development services for The Kroger Co. include developing and maintaining Kroger’s fuel system standards and distributing these standards to Kroger’s regional brands throughout the United States.

Kroger’s typical fuel facility consists of a pre-manufactured kiosk building ranging in size from 120 to 240 square feet situated on a 0.5 to 1 acre site. Each project typically includes underground fuel storage tanks and three to eight multiple product fuel dispensers covered by a canopy.

Galloway’s ability to address the client’s operational and branding needs while satisfying the various review agency and development-specific regulations that impact every project contributes to the success of Kroger’s fuel program.

Also contributing to the program’s success is Galloway’s comprehensive fuel facility experience, the ability to develop and maintain fuel program prototype designs, and the depth of Galloway’s project management resources, which allows for simultaneous processing of multiple projects in various locations.


Dave Jones

Director of Fueling

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