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Retail J&K

Client Name

St. John Properties


Pleasant Grove, Utah

Completion Date

September 2023


2.15 acres

The Retail J & K project is an additional retail space of the Valley Grove mixed-use site in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The project comprises 9,100 sf of multitenant inline retail buildings.

Galloway provided civil engineering services for this 2.15-acre project, including site grading, storm drainage, sewer system design, and waterline layout. The civil team implemented an underground stormwater chamber system to collect and effectively drain water from the site.

Throughout the project, Galloway collaborated with the Utah Department of Transportation, ensuring seamless integration of the site’s stormwater discharge into their system before reaching Pleasant Grove.


Boyd Preece

Sr. Civil Engineering Project Manager & Utah Regional Manager

385.248.0460 Contact

Lauren Warren

Regional Manager of Business Development

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