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Deep Roots Harvest Flagship Dispensary

Deep Roots Harvest Flagship Dispensary - Retail

Client Name

Deep Roots Harvest


Las Vegas, Nevada

Completion Date

Spring 2022


9,000 sf

The Deep Roots‘ flagship dispensary, located on Cheyenne Avenue location in Las Vegas, Nevada, includes 8,000 sf of retail and building support space. The remaining building area is master-planned for administrative offices and facility spaces that will support company operations.

The project’s vision started early in 2019 as a central operations hub for Deep Roots Harvest while providing a retail dispensary. The project goals include a traditional retail environment, security and ID screening, and planning for future drive-thru abilities supported by customer preordering.

Utilizing the existing building shell as the project’s primary constraint, the Galloway team quickly realized the opportunities for adaptable reuse and preserving the building’s form while transforming the façade with minimal cost to align with Deep Roots branding.

Services provided by Galloway included: architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture.


Scott Holmes

Sr. Associate
Sr. Architectural Project Manager

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