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Lone Tree Redevelopment

Client Name

AVG Partners


Lone Tree, CO


16.2 acres

Galloway is currently providing master planning services for the redevelopment of 16.2 acres of prime property in Lone Tree. Located along the C470 corridor and adjacent the Park Meadows Mall, the former Sears property is slated to become a unique transit-oriented, pedestrian-focused outdoor urban area.

The prominence of this project in the Lone Tree community requires a high level of design creativity that will contribute to the project’s uniqueness and sense of place.

The phased redevelopment will provide quality design standards that promote a cohesive development pattern while allowing for diversity and variety in the design and construction of individual projects.

The design also supports the creation and maintenance of a quality standard that will sustain value over time and also recognizes the need for reasonable future flexibility.


Kristoffer Kenton

Principal in Charge
Director of Architecture

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