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Wagstaff Crane Company

Wagstaff Crane Company -

Client Name

Wagstaff Crane Inc.


Murray, Utah

Completion Date

January 2021


6,707 sf

Project Cost

$1.4 Million

The goal of this project was to accommodate an office building next to an existing warehouse space.

Galloway’s team provided an office building with nine offices, 1600 sf of cubical/flex space, a large conference room off the main lobby, four unisex restrooms, two restrooms, and a shower room accessible from the warehouse two break rooms. The design allowed access to the office from two locations.

The glazing at the stair tower on the north side of the building and the glazing at the lobby and conference room are our major exterior aesthetic features. The stair in the lobby is the central design element in the interior. It was designed with steel stringers and aluminum grate threads to accent the utilitarian roots of the company. The painted stringers and guardrails allow the treads and the stainless steel handrail to pop into the design. Suspended globe light fixtures were hung above the staircase. The secondary design aspect of the lobby in the conference room storefront wall is a million less and etched with a picture of a crane. The owner provided old web trusses incorporated in the lobby and stairway design.


Kristoffer Kenton

Director of Architecture

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