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Galloway Headquarters

 Galloway & Company Architecture, Engineering, Survey

Client Name

Galloway & Company Inc.


Denver Metro

Completion Date

Spring 2022


35,727 sf

To meet the needs of an ever-changing post-quarantine work environment, we designed an office space for guided human interaction. The Galloway & Company, Inc. corporate offices provide a balance of quiet and collaborative spaces. Our open office space gains natural light from large exterior windows and through full-height glass office fronts. Strategically placed conference rooms are provided for each discipline to allow easy access to group meetings.

Multiple collaborative spaces were included in our design. We placed a cork wall critique board area to allow design teams to have a closer look at the overall design without having to schedule a formal meeting. Our central breakroom has bleacher seating to host all-hands meetings and for employees to gather for lunches and events. The centralized breakroom location encourages unexpected encounters and provides a stylish and comfortable environment to engage each other. There are open “touch down” spaces with seating and tables for spontaneous meetings.

We have themed walls throughout the office, including original graffiti art from a local artist and a skateboard-themed wall with a line of skateboard decks and a mural of Tony Hawk. The Galloway logo and graphic 3D lettering of our company’s vision and values add branding and destination to an open office space.

Our interior design team also incorporated a stylish library nook that is a functional space to help stimulate creativity. It provides multiple lighting temperatures, a movable ladder to reach higher shelves, and ample shelf space.

Fun at the office with shuffleboard, ping pong table, and Jenga. The Galloway Beer Tap is open after hours to host events and for employees to take a break at the end of the day.

For quiet times, there is a comfortable wellness room, a book nook for focus areas, and phone rooms for those times you need to make personal phone calls.


Hoshi Brooks

Sr. Associate
Sr. Interior Design Manager

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