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Building 418 & 350 Office Remodels

Galloway Architecture, Engineering, Surveying

Client Name

JBI Construction


Peterson Space Force Base


10,780 sf - 135,000 sf

Galloway is performing tenant improvements and remodels for two separate office buildings at the Peterson Space Force Base.

Building 418 is an existing structure built in the early 1970s. Galloway’s scope of work entails gutting the original building and providing a complete tenant improvement for the Office of Special Investigations. With very strict performance guidelines, this 10,780 sf building remodel includes all new walls, doors, hardware, finishes, structural, and MEP systems. The remodel is following Guiding Principle LEED Standards for all building construction activities.

Building 350 is a 135,000 sf two-story building that houses over 1,000 military and civilian employees. Galloway’s scope of work entails a remodel that will include over 20 user group spaces within the building, remodeling each space with new offices, finishes, and electrical and mechanical systems as necessary. The overall goal of the remodel is to bring an additional shipping group in-house to streamline shipping functions.


Rob Giles


Director of Federal Project Development

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