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Utah Tech Steam Tunnel

Client Name

Utah Tech University


St. George, Utah

Completion Date

June 2025

Utah Tech University recognized the need for more cooling towers to support additional cooling needs as they expanded their campus structures. To address this, Galloway reviewed existing racking, designed the extension of the utility tunnel with piping, and created structural steel support for the new cooling towers. This required demoing the asphalt and landscaped areas and expanding the existing enclosure where the current cooling towers were located. Our structural engineering team extended the concrete masonry unit fence wall and coordinated finishes with the current conditions for the new fence wall at the existing chiller location.

Collaborating closely with another design team on a different adjacent campus project, we effectively synchronized connection designs and schedules. Through regular meetings and proactive communication, we ensured seamless integration of our tunnel extension with the other project.

Galloway provided civil engineering, structural engineering, and survey services, including demolition, site design, grading, utilities, and construction administration for the Utah Tech University steam tunnel expansion. The expansion project will allow a central utility plant to be used in new areas of the campus, improving efficiency.


Christian Michaelson

Sr. Civil Engineering Project Manager & Utah Regional Manager

801.953.1357 Contact

Kristen Judish

Sr. Associate
Structural Engineering Project Manager

303.770.8884 Contact