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Jefferson County Public Schools Fleet Fueling

Galloway Architecture, Engineering, Surveying

Client Name

Jefferson County Public Schools


Arvada, CO; Evergreen, CO; and Denver, CO


2 acres

Galloway provided complete fueling design services for the Jefferson County Public Schools, including under­ground fuel storage tanks and fuel piping, fuel dispenser islands, overhead canopies, and oil and water separators to protect stormwater quality.

All facilities were upgraded or designed to function in conjunction with the county’s electronic fuel management system that allows all fuel and maintenance fluids to be monitored and tracked from a central location.

The average lot size is 2 acres with up to three fueling islands to serve as many as 200 school buses. Galloway effectively managed difficult soil conditions while locating eight 12,000 gallon underground fuel storage tanks and provided the necessary foundations and encasement.

At the Denver location, Galloway encountered an active underground spring, which required additional foundations and concrete encasement to mitigate the subsurface water.


Dave Jones

Director of Fueling

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