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Conoco Phillips

More than 400 projects

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More than 400 locations throughout 18 states


1-2 acres; 600-3,800 sf

Galloway’s extensive experience in the design and approval of fuel facilities allowed for the simultaneous management of multiple projects in various locations, resulting in increased efficiency and consistency for ConocoPhillips.

Typical ConocoPhillips facilities include a convenience store ranging from 600 to 3,800 square feet, six to eight multiple product fuel dispensers beneath an overhead canopy, underground fuel storage tanks, and frequently a single-bay automatic car wash, all situated on a 1 to 2 acre site.

Galloway provided complete building design services for a wide variety of convenience store and car wash formats, including steel and wood-framed structures, structural masonry designs, and pre-manufactured modular concepts.

ConocoPhillips utilized Galloway’s vast fueling background and knowledge to generate and maintain prototype convenience store, car wash, and fuel system designs for use throughout the country.


Dave Jones

Principal in Charge
Director of Fueling

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