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Department of Public Safety (DPS) Consolidated Public Safety Facility

Rendering of the Department of Public Safety (DPS) Consolidated Public Safety Facility in Brigham, Utah.

Client Name

Utah Department of Public Safety


Brigham, Utah

Completion Date

June 2024


20,800 sf

After Galloway completed a needs assessment and programming for the facility, DPS selected the design-build team of Galloway and Big-D Construction to construct the new consolidated public safety building in Brigham City, Utah.

The new facility will house multiple departments, including the Utah Highway Patrol and Utah Driver’s License Division, to maximize efficiency in space and services provided.

Galloway worked with the Utah DPS through several needs assessment interviews and visioning workshops to meet the department’s goals. This involved reviewing and tailoring the department’s requirements regarding staffing, the effectiveness of working from home and off-site, and the implementation of appointment-based services to better manage workflow.

From these evaluations, we simplified the square footage by utilizing shared public and building support spaces. Sharing and combining spaces contributed to an overall reduction in the upfront building size, the initial construction cost, and the ongoing operating cost.

Galloway also worked closely with the Utah Division of Facilities Construction and Management, Perry City, and Brigham City to understand the property’s history and characteristics and ensure the building fits the context and the city’s design requirements.

The site is largely undeveloped and has an existing detention pond. Galloway’s team redesigned the pond to improve its function and efficiently service the building and site layout. The civil engineer team considered the future development of neighboring sites by designing the utilities to minimize or eliminate disruption to the client’s utility operations when other sites tie into the utilities.

Design services provided by Galloway included architectural design, civil engineering, interior design, and landscape architecture. The estimated completion of the building is June 2024.


Jim Child

Regional Architectural Team Manager

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Christian Michaelson

Sr. Civil Engineering Project Manager & Utah Regional Manager

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