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Freedom Visitor Center

Colorado Freedom Memorial Visitor Center in Aurora, Colorado.

Client Name

Colorado Freedom Memorial Foundation


Aurora, Colorado


6820 sf

The Colorado Freedom Memorial (CFM) Visitor Center will be a community gathering space and place of reverence for visitors who journey to recognize Coloradans who lost their lives in combat. The visitor center will complement the CFM, originally designed by Kristoffer Kenton, currently managing principal for architecture at Galloway, by incorporating the same contemplative nature and consideration for the fallen and their families.

Kenton thoughtfully designed the CFM to create a reflection, meditation, and remembrance site.

Galloway is now designing a state-of-the-art visitors’ facility that includes spaces for educational opportunities, recognition for the lives lost, and expressions of pride by loved ones for the more than 6,000 Coloradans whose names line the walls of the memorial. Kenton envisions the visitor center as an opportunity to honor further the fallen soldiers’ memory and a place for their loved ones to grieve, heal, and celebrate their lives.

The anticipated features are a 150-seat theater for events and lectures, an exhibit hall for artifact displays, a loaned display of 9/11 steel from the World Trade Center, and a steel relic from the USS Arizona. The visitor center will also house a classroom and an outdoor balcony overlooking the Rocky Mountains for receptions and events.

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Kristoffer Kenton

Director of Architecture

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