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Clark Oil

More than 380 projects

Client Name

Clark Refining and Marketing


More than 380 locations throughout eight states


300-900 sf convenience store

Galloway provided development services for more than 380 Clark Oil fuel facilities.

The majority of the projects were remodels to existing convenience stores ranging from 300 to 900 square feet.

For several sites, Galloway developed new convenience store and car wash building prototype designs.

Galloway’s development services for Clark Oil included preliminary project due diligence research and analysis; site planning; site development coordination (managing land development approvals); architectural design; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design; structural engineering; fuel system design; civil engineering; and landscape design.

Galloway’s extensive experience in fuel facility design as well as their in-depth project management resources allowed for the simultaneous processing of multiple projects in various locations.


Dave Jones

Principal in Charge
Director of Fueling

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