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Thompson River Ranch

Client Name

Oakwood Homes


Johnstown, CO


700 acres

Thompson River Ranch is a master planned residential community of approximately 700 acres. Primarily single family residential, the development also allows for a dedicated school site and several commercial pads.

Amenities include a clubhouse with swimming pool, trail system, and parks.

Galloway team members have been involved in Thompson River Ranch since its inception through work at other companies as well as current work at Galloway. Design services have included grading, drainage, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, street plan and profile and street intersection details.

Numerous challenges have been successfully addressed, including realignment of a major irrigation ditch, raising a significant portion of the site to comply with FEMA regulations for minimum floor elevation above floodplain, I-25 frontage road alignments, combining detention with non-potable irrigation ponds, routing the flow of an offsite drainage basin of over 3,000 acres through the development, and the crossing of a high pressure liquid petroleum main running from Wyoming to Denver.

Water Resources Services Provided

Galloway employees designed, obtained permitting for, and constructed infrastructure improvements including: storm drainage systems; roads/streets, sanitary systems, groundwater underdrain system, trail system, and parks. Design and construction services were provided for this project including: approximately 700 acres of site grading, drainage channels, 10 miles of sanitary sewer, 7 miles of storm drains, street plan/profiles, 10 miles of water lines, and street intersection designs.

Numerous challenges were successfully addressed including: 1) raising the site to the 500-year floodplain (which ensured that the site remained out of the post-2013 flood restudied 100-year floodplain based on new and larger discharges); 2) coordination with CDOT on the design/construction of I-25 Frontage Road intersections/improvements; 3) incorporating non-potable irrigation ponds into stormwater detention facilities; 3) conveying offsite flows from a 3,000 acre basin through the site; 4) design/construction around a high pressure liquid petroleum utility; and 5) coordination/design of multiple road and trail crossings of the Hillsborough Ditch. An inverted siphon was designed for irrigation return flows in order to addresses water rights requirements. A 4-mile-long CLOMR and three LOMRs have been successfully approved by the Town of Johnstown, Larimer County (including Larimer County Flood Review Board), and FEMA removing approximately 140 acres of the project from the flood fringe.


Robert Van Uffelen

Sr. Civil PM & Northern Colorado Regional Manager

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Chris Pauley

Water Resources Team Manager

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