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The Granary

The Granary single-family residence in Johnstown, Colorado

Client Name

Hartford Homes


Johnstown, Colorado

Completion Date

June 2024


294.8 acres

The Granary is a single-family residential development in Johnstown, Colorado. The development will have up to 970 single-family lots on a 295-acre site with more than 12 million square feet of housing.

A crucial element in starting the development was completing the Hillsborough Ditch improvements. The ditch was realigned, and two 12×4 ft culverts were installed to help convey the channel flow. Improvements were also made to Weld County Road 46 and waterline improvements to Weld County Road 46 and Telep Avenue.

Construction for the first two filings of 287 lots will be completed in 2024, and design for the third filing is underway. The rest of the development will eventually extend to Colorado Boulevard with additional single-family housing, parks, and a clubhouse with a pool.

Galloway will provide this project’s civil engineering, survey, and water resources services.



Robert Van Uffelen

Sr. Civil Engineering Project Manager & Northern Colorado Regional Manager

970.800.3300 Contact

Frank Kohl

Sr. Survey Project Manager

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