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Jack in the Box

Galloway Architecture, Engineering, Surveying

Client Name

Jack in the Box, Inc.


Multiple locations throughout CO, KS, MO, IN, and OH


0.75 acre; 2,500 sf

Galloway supported Jack in the Box, Inc. with their multiple location project development program in Colorado as well as emerging markets in Kansas and Missouri. In managing this program, Galloway executed multiple concurrent projects over a short period of time in order to meet the client’s development schedule and required real estate contract deadlines.

Galloway effectively managed project development in multiple locations by ensuring excellent client communication and by thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements.

Galloway utilized Jack in the Box’s prototype building designs with nationally recognized imaging. Galloway successfully completed development of many sites throughout Colorado by providing full entitlement services and effectively incorporating the established image branding of the exterior architecture with changes required by individual planning and architectural review authorities.

Additionally, as Jack in the Box’s national architect, Galloway provided Jack in the Box with prototype building designs that could be assembled to fit the needs of a specific site or region.

Galloway also performed regularly scheduled improvements to the design based on construction, operation, and branding inputs in the field.


Tasha Bolivar

Development Services Team Manager

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