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H2Wow Car Wash

Client Name

H2Wow, LLC


Ken Caryl and Green Valley Ranch, CO

Completion Date



.5-acre site; 3,520 sf building

Project Cost


Galloway has provided full building and site design for H2Wow car wash facilities, including the design of an approximately 3,500 sf ground-up, tunnel car wash with external vacuums and carpet cleaners, dog wash rooms and office space. These projects required maximizing usable square footage on a small site, including incorporating an office space into a mezzanine over the car wash and using the building’s exterior wall as a retaining wall for an adjacent hillside. The design also included multiple heated concrete slabs for pedestrian safety, as well as distinguishing details such as barrel-shaped roof lines and copper colored roofing material.

Galloway’s mechanical and plumbing design included the sizing and routing of the water lines and piping to the carwash equipment, restrooms, car mat washers and the reclaim system. The design was required to provide sufficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning to the office and entry rooms, as well as specified heaters and mechanical louvers for ventilation and air flow for the car wash equipment room, tunnel and service bay.

This project also required special consideration of structural framing members and connections that are required for highly corrosive environments. Coordination was required to select appropriate finishes that would prevent moisture from migrating through to the building structure, as well as specifying waterproofing to protect the CMU walls.

Galloway has provided a full scope of services for two H2Wow projects in Colorado, including architecture, civil engineering, development and entitlements, electrical engineering, landscape architecture, mechanical engineering, plumbing engineering, site lighting and photometric design, and structural engineering.


Tasha Bolivar

Development Services Team Manager

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Carl Schmidtlein

Principal in Charge
Director of Land Development

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Kristoffer Kenton

Principal in Charge
Director of Architecture

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