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East Ridge (Mosaic) Residential

East Ridge Residential in Fort Collins, Colorado

Client Name

Hartford Homes


Fort Collins, Colorado

Completion Date

February 2024


153 acres

Eastridge (Mosaic), a planned residential development in northeast Fort Collins, covers approximately 153 acres and includes about 830 dwelling units and a nine-acre city park.

The development is divided as such:
– Filing two: 526 single-family lots
– Filings three and four: 191 townhomes and a pool complex
– Filing five: 112 condominiums, a commercial pad site, and a second pool

The site presented challenges, including historically low-lying areas that led to the development of wetlands and a rainwater drainage ditch requiring restoration and improvements. Our civil engineering team expanded the footprint to address this, creating surfaces to slow water release. The project included the City of Fort Collins’ first regional detention pond with a gravity pump system and low-impact design features throughout the site.

The wetland enhancement involved coordination with Galloway’s survey team for construction staking, the landscape team, and the City. The low-impact design features align with City and Mile High Flood Control district criteria, incorporating sand filters, bioswales, and biorention features.

The first filing established stormwater and sanitary infrastructure, connecting with subsequent filings. Offsite regional sanitary improvements were designed based on each subsequent filing.

Galloway maintains a strong relationship with the developer and collaborates on another master-planned development to the east.


Robert Van Uffelen

Sr. Civil Engineering Project Manager & Northern Colorado Regional Manager

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Joshua McCabe

Sr. Associate
Sr. Survey Project Manager

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Chris Pauley

Water Resources Team Manager

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