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East Ridge Residential

Galloway Architecture, Engineering, Surveying

Client Name

Hartford Homes


Fort Collins, CO


153 acres, 562 units

East Ridge is a mixed-use development in northeast Fort Collins, situated on approximately 153 acres. The first filing consists of 568 single-family homes. Included as part of this filing is a regional detention pond with five low-impact development components, the restoration of the existing wetlands, and development of a future park site. The second filing consists of 39 townhome buildings with 209 units and a club house.

This project included: roads, utilities, irrigation piping with an inverted siphon, and stormwater quality and detention facilities. Services included storm drain design and capacity analysis, inlet capacity analysis, street capacity analysis, on-site stormwater quality and detention analysis. Galloway implemented UDFCD’s four step process to minimize the adverse impact of urbanization. An interim stormwater pumping system was designed to convey stormwater from the on-site detention pond to the Lake Canal until the City of Fort Collins constructs master plan improvements in this area. EPA-SWMM was used to estimate the sitewide 100-year detention storage requirements, and the Rational Method was used to estimate 2- and 100-year storm event sub-basin peak flows. Project included design of three LID features: two sand filters and one bioswale. The design also included two extended detention basins.

In total, the project constructed five water quality features to treat developed runoff from the project site. Galloway utilized a Minimizing Directly Connected Impervious Areas (MDCIA) site planning LID strategy that encourages the disconnection of impervious areas. Therefore, instead of draining a parking lot directly into the storm drain system, runoff passes through a landscaped area before going into the inlet.

Galloway worked very closely with City of Fort Collins staff to implement this multi-faceted water quality benefit to the community.


Robert Van Uffelen

Sr. Civil Engineering Project Manager & Northern Colorado Regional Manager

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Chris Pauley

Water Resources Team Manager

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