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More than 100 projects

Galloway Architecture, Engineering, Surveying

Client Name

AmRest - AppleBee's


More than 100 locations throughout CO, NM, ID, GA, AL, OR, WA and CA


>2 acres; 6,000 sf

For over 17 years, Galloway has worked closely with Applebee’s throughout the southern and western United Sates for new development as well as reimaging projects.

For Applebee’s new development, Galloway previously managed their multiple location project development program. In managing this program, Galloway thoroughly understood the client’s needs; maintained good working relationships with the client’s real estate, design, and construction teams; and effectively negotiated entitlement and permit approvals through various regulatory agencies in multiple locations.

Galloway also served as a single point of contact for coordinating and managing the entire project within budgetary and scheduling constraints throughout the development process.


Tasha Bolivar

Development Services Team Manager

303.770.8884 Contact