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Leach Creek Drainageway Realignment


Grand Junction, CO


7.39 acres

This project consisted of a proposed development of a new 60,800 square foot City Market grocery store on a 7.39 acre piece of property at the corner of Patterson Road and 24 Road. To accommodate the City Market the existing Leach Creek channel adjacent to the property needed to be re-aligned.

Leach Creek drained an area of approximately 12 square miles north and east of the site and borders the existing 24 Road. Mitigation for the re-alignment included a 10’ bicycle path, pedestrian lights, and a pedestrian plaza. Multiple public access points were designed into the property and one of these access from 24 Road necessitated the construction of a three cell box culvert spanning Leach Creek.

Although a part of the larger private project, this Leach Creek facility is owned and maintained by the City of Grand Junction. The City of Grand Junction was integral in the scope and design of this Leach Creek realignment.

Mesa County Public Works Manual “Stormwater Management Manual Revised March 27, 2006” and the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District’s (UDFCD) Urban “Storm Drainage Criteria Manual” were utilized in this design.

A CLOMR/LOMR process was also conducted through FEMA review for the mapping of the new Leach Creek floodplain.


Chris Pauley


Water Resources Team Manager

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Carl Schmidtlein

Principal in Charge
Director of Land Development

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