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Commissioning identifies construction issues prior to building occupancy, when they are more easily addressed with the contractor.

Tests are run on installed systems to identify installation and controls issues, which are then resolved while the contractor is still on site.

Galloway commissioning services support the vision and sustainability of your building project.

We are your advocate for navigating increasingly complex building systems. As building systems become more sophisticated, there is an increased need to assure proper integration and connectivity of energy systems throughout the building.

The commissioning process advocates for the owner’s interests and supports energy efficiency from start to finish. We lead, review, and execute commissioning activities with the goal of creating a high-performance, energy-efficient building, thus reducing the building’s energy footprint.

At Galloway, our commissioning agents maintain independence from the design team and construction manager throughout the entire process. Our goal is to empower our clients, support energy savings, add return on investment, and assist in navigating complex code requirements related to the building permit process.


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Dave Boynton


Sr. Commissioning Engineer

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Alicia Thorpe

MEP Engineering Team Manager

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