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Energize Denver

Galloway’s commissioning services support the vision and sustainability of your building project. We are your advocate in navigating increasingly complex sustainability requirements and regulations.

The Energize Denver Task Force presented, published, and finalized recommendations to the City and County of Denver in September 2021 to reduce 49% of Denver’s greenhouse gas emissions from buildings towards zero by 2040.

Energize Denver Initiatives

Submit benchmarking annually through Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Third-party data verification every three years

Building energy usage equal to or below interim targets for 2024 & 2027

Building energy usage equal to or below final targets for 2030

Switching building mechanics from natural gas to electric

How Galloway Can Help

Through our multiphase Building Optimization Program, we lead, review, and execute commissioning activities to create a high-performance, energy-efficient building, thus reducing the building’s energy footprint. Our multidisciplinary team will work with you to ensure any new equipment functions properly and meets all IECC code requirements for energy efficiency and functionality. We also provide retro-commissioning, recommissioning, and ongoing/monitoring-based commissioning (SkySpark, CopperTree, etc.).

Here is how our Building Optimization Program can serve your commissioning needs:

Benchmarking: If this has not been done yet, we can help you. We can perform your data verifications in 2024 and beyond if it has.

Energy Modeling & EUI Performance: We can perform energy audits, utility analyses, and predictive modeling, including low/no cost and capital cost recommendations. In addition, we can provide simulation models to show cost savings based on multiple scenarios. We can perform a timeline adjustment based on alternate compliance for submittal to the Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency (CASR) if needed.

Facility Condition Assessment: We will perform a physical condition and functionality on-site assessment and provide you with the finding report and our recommendations to help you identify equipment for replacement and consideration of electrification. We can also submit the electrification feasibility report to CASR.

MEP Engineering and Capital Improvement: A Capital Improvement Plan and Life Cycle Cost Analysis includes any electric heating, cooling, and controls upgrades and an accompanying Retrofit Plan for submittal to CASR.

Commissioning and Operational Readiness:  Following capital improvement services, we perform existing building commissioning (EBCx) to verify system functionality. We also ensure your facility is ready to operate by delivering operations and maintenance manuals, preventive maintenance schedules, owner training, and project closeout documentation, to hand off a ‘like-new’ building to your facility management team.


Alicia Thorpe

MEP Engineering Team Manager

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