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Trans-Jordan Waste Transfer Station

Trans-Jordan Waste Transfer Station - Design

Client Name

Trans-Jordan Cities


Sandy, Utah

Completion Date

Spring 2024


46,000 sf

Trans-Jordan Landfill is a municipal solid waste disposal facility owned by seven member cities. Trans-Jordan Cities partnered with six cities located in the southern part of the Salt Lake Valley. As more cities join the partnership, securing more landfill space and facilities has become a growing consideration. This new transfer station will benefit the east side member cities with a closer disposal facility to handle the curbside waste.

Galloway was selected to provide architectural, interior, and landscape design services for the new facilities. The latest transfer center will be approximately 46,000 sf, with 28-ft tall interior heights to the lowest hanging components. This project includes an operations building and a maintenance building adjacent to the primary transfer building and other minor site structures (scale house and booths, freestanding canopies, and recycling area).

Trans-Jordan’s waste transfer operations were analyzed to design the facility for optimal use of space and flexibility on a site with tight constraints. A long-span truss system will keep the tipping floor free of columns allowing traffic to move throughout the transfer building with minimal obstructions. Translucent paneling will help bring natural light into the building to increase visibility and enhance safety on the tipping floor.

The building was designed to use concrete tilt-up construction for durability and longevity. This will help ensure that the facility will serve the community for many years.



Chris Child

Sr. Associate
Sr. Architectural Project Manager

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