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Dominion Energy

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Dominion Energy



Galloway offers extensive experience in ROW surveys and has worked with Dominion Energy in assisting with numerous ROW determinations. Dominion Energy is the primary provider of consumer gas service in the State of Utah and has been a client of the Galloway survey team for several years. Their underground utility lines run primarily in and through the road rights of way in rural and urban areas of the state.

Dominion uses Galloway’s team of surveyors to perform topographic and boundary surveys along the road rights of way to determine the location of their existing lines in relation to improvements above and adjacent to their lines and the boundaries of the rights of way. We have completed hundreds of miles of these surveys along UDOT roads, from Cache County to Carbon County. These surveys include the location of existing right-of-way monuments, section corners, property corners, and right of way fences, and records research.

In addition to these topographic surveys Galloway’s team also provides utility locating, aerial drone imagery, and 3D laser scanning of bridges and structures.


Lyle Bissegger

Survey Team Manager

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