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Survey Team Seventh Anniversary

September 20th, 2022

Congratulations to our survey team on their seventh anniversary! In 2015, Galloway added surveying as part of our full-service approach, and since then, the survey team has grown to 50 team members.

“I am proud of our team’s growth,” said Lyle Bissegger, survey team manager, and principal. “It has been a wild ride, and to see the rapid growth has been fantastic.”

Bissegger was one of three initially hired to launch the survey team. The initial three had over 90 years of combined experience in the field and quickly started growing the team.

“We joined and immediately started working on projects. In the first month, I hired another person I knew would be strong, Brian Dennis,” said Bissegger.

Lyle attributes the steady growth of the survey team throughout the years to key personnel such as Dennis, senior survey project manager and principal Frank Kohl, Galloway’s unique survey mentorship program, and significant support from Galloway leadership.

“It has always been ‘What can we do?’ ‘How can we do it?’ And that support from the leadership is the biggest reason we have grown the way we have.”

From buying the first company vehicle to owning multiple drones and a bathymetric boat, our survey team has grown with the industry’s technology. Survey Project Manager Troy Kendall is helping lead our Utah survey team and is incredibly savvy with drone and scanning technology.

“We have a team that is excited about the technology, knowledgeable in it, and running with it,” added Bissegger.

In the future, we look to continue the survey team growth and enter the markets of our most recent regional office locations – Wichita and Atlanta.

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