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Galloway Joins Hiring Our Heroes Fellowship Program

December 19th, 2023

Galloway recently joined the Hiring Our Heroes (HoH) fellowship program to further support service members and their families. This initiative, funded by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation since its launch in 2011, aims to connect the military community– active service members, veterans, and military spouses – with meaningful employment opportunities through a 12-week paid fellowship.  

Joe Weiner, Galloway’s senior talent strategist, emphasized the program’s significance in assisting service members during relocation, acknowledging the challenges they face when uprooting their lives.  

 “Everything they have known in their prior lives is ripped away from them, and they have to start their career search all over again,” said Joe. “They represent a small percentage of America that protects everything we do, and being a host company is a great way for us to give back.”  

Faith Balogh is Galloway’s first Hiring our Heroes fellowFaith Balogh, Galloway’s first HoH fellow and a military spouse, shared her experience of repeatedly starting her career from scratch with each move.  

“I’ve started from the bottom three or four times now,” she said. “We [military spouses] are eager and ready to do anything, including repeatedly starting from the beginning. But, at a certain point, you want to be where you deserve to be regarding your career.”  

As a military-friendly company, Galloway recognizes the untapped potential of service members, veterans, and military spouses as a valuable and diverse talent pool to meet the company’s growing needs. Companies often overlook this workforce due to employment gaps, but they bring unique value. According to a USAA and SHRM Foundation report, they demonstrate equal or higher retention rates than civilians and possess intangible solid skills such as resilience, leadership, teamwork, and adaptability to change.  

Faith highlighted Galloway’s commitment to recognizing and appreciating her professional skills and identity as a military spouse, acknowledging the additional responsibilities that come with it.  

“The first time I spoke with Joe, he gave justice to military spouses,” she said. “I want to work for a company and a manager that recognizes the value that I bring not just on my resume but as a person because being a military spouse is a second job.”  

“The candidates we get from this program are non-traditional, but I guarantee they know how to multitask and do it well,” added Joe. “They know what it is like to have many spinning plates and keep everything on schedule.”  

Galloway’s participation in the HoH program aims to provide meaningful opportunities for fellows, ensuring a match with the company’s needs and culture.

Galloway has joined the Hiring our Heroes fellowship program

The fellowship’s goal is full-time employment, recognizing economic realities. However, in the rare case full-time conversion is not immediate, the program offers valuable networking opportunities, exposure to senior leadership, and references for fellows.

In the future, Galloway would like to have at least one fellow in each of the nine regional offices and several in its Denver headquarters.  

Faith serves as a leader to help set the precedent for what being a fellow at Galloway looks like and is excited to see the impact it will have on others.   

“Not many employers know how to reach this demographic, and often, you do not get access to it unless you have someone who can speak to that demographic,” said Faith.  

For Faith, the fellowship provides job experience and the stability and community she craves amid the uncertainties of military life. She sees the opportunity as a chance to explore new horizons and hopes to pave the way for the success of Galloway’s military initiative.  

“This fellowship with Galloway has also permitted me to reimagine possibilities and reignited hope for my career.” 

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