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Approaching The Practice Of Architecture With A Fresh Perspective

July 13th, 2021

Galloway Embraces Architecture’s True Definition

What is Architecture?

Architecture is both the art and technique of design. Throughout history, architecture has been more than just the style or impression that a building presents – it is a multifaceted approach to design that creates a total developed space, both in form and function.

“Architect” is derived from the Greek (arkhi-, chief + tekton, builder), and later the Latin architectus, meaning “master builder.” With these definitions in in mind, Galloway takes a unique approach to design that includes a heightened focus on bringing together a collaborative team of disciplines, as well as leveraging the unique attributes that architects bring to a project.

Not all architecture firms are the same, and Galloway sets itself apart with an in-house team that honors the broader view of the practice of architecture. Together, our suite of internal disciplines supports the role of “master builder” and integrates the complete practice.  This includes architects, MEP engineering, structural engineering, interior design, civil engineering, and landscape architecture. Assembling a great team is of paramount importance. Following the example of Galloway’s engaged and forward-thinking leaders, our architecture team uses collaboration to cultivate agility and innovation, which provides exceptional solutions for clients.

Galloway’s architecture team doesn’t view design as an isolated exercise – it is both a visual and analytical exercise that looks at projects holistically. From the initial vision, to site functionality, building performance, and aesthetics, architecture includes the integration of all the disciplines cohesively working together. Our internal team strives to be agents for our clients, from initial concept through construction. We are not just a transactional service – we become trusted advisors.

Holistic Design Understanding, Training and Attributes Set Architects Apart as Project Leaders 

Architects are trained to visualize the bigger picture, and Galloway’s team is no exception. Even architectural licensing supports this greater understanding, as architects are tested on the entire process, including practice management, project management, programming, site planning, grading, structural systems, MEP systems, construction documents, and construction evaluation. It is this training and integrated knowledge the sets the practice of architecture apart.

Additional attributes of the Galloway Architecture team include:

  1. Creativity – Architecture is a forward-thinking practice. It requires visualization, thinking out of the box, and developing solutions. A great architect helps the client understand what is possible.
  2. Critical thinking – The practice of architecture actively and skillfully conceptualizes, applies, and analyzes information, utilizing exceptional problem-solving skills.
  3. Project management – Architects effectively bring teams together, oversee the design and construction process, and manage budgets and schedules.
  4. Enthusiasm – Passionately supporting project efforts is a hallmark of great architecture practices.
  5. Advocacy – Supporting the client and knowing how to best promote their interests is key to a successful relationship.
  6. Experience – Great architecture practices know how to design spaces that work at a fair cost and achieve objectives.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration  

Galloway & Company Civil Engineering, Architecture, Surveying

Future Legends Sports Complex | Windsor, CO

“Galloway truly embraces the holistic nature of architecture.  The daily collaboration of our in-house disciplines provides an exceptional depth and breadth of project understanding,” says Galloway Director of Architecture Kristoffer Kenton, AIA, NCARB.  “We offer greater project awareness and enhanced problem-solving ability through our Full Spectrum Approach.

Future Legends Sports Complex in Windsor, Colorado, is a great example of how the practice of architecture is broader than just the design of a building. The combination of dormitories, retail amenities, soccer stadium and practice fields creates a high level of project complexity. From site planning and building design through civil engineering and landscape architecture, Galloway’s architects provide visioning and guidance, as well as exceptional understanding of all the disciplines and design elements. The architect’s ability to approach this project in a holistic manner, integrate all disciplines, and serve as a trusted advisor to execute a smoothly run project is key to fulfilling the client’s ultimate vision.

Building Relationships

Alignment with the client and building a trusting relationship is also critical to success of the practice of architecture. According to The Journal of the American Institute of Architects (Jan. 6, 2017), 78% of commercial architecture work comes from repeat clients. Additionally, 82% of the owners want their architects to develop innovative solutions. Through creating a shared vision, managing budgets and schedules, and providing thoughtful solutions and leadership throughout the project, these relationships are strengthened.

By honoring and embracing the historic definition of Architect as “master builder,” Galloway supports projects through a higher-level of understanding.  This unique focus on the greater vision for the practice of architecture is key to cultivating the relationships that lead to success.

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