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PM Summit 2022

December 12th, 2022

Conversation - MeetingAs a company continuously evaluating our employees’ well-being, Galloway held our first Project Manager Summit to recognize our project managers’ hard work and allow them to discuss topics related to company support of the project manager role.

“The summit was project manager centric. This was an opportunity for all their voices to be heard and be strategic in their role,” said Eric West, Galloway’s manager of employee growth and development.

West, who facilitated the summit, did so in creative ways. It started with recognizing the project managers through giveaways and awards related to our five core values. Then it was a deep-dive discussion about the role’s challenges and how Galloway can support its project managers.

The summit was framed around the 13 behaviors of a high-trust leader as part of Galloway’s initiative to incorporate these behaviors in the workplace. West explains the summit as “sort of a gigantic trust-building exercise.”

“It was framed in trust in all forms,” said West. “We talked straight, demonstrated respect, showed loyalty, created Conversation - Professionaltransparency, and more. We tapped into all the thirteen behaviors during the summit.”

Project managers from all offices attended both parts of the summit (in person or virtually) to communicate and distill their ideas. The project managers then created a list of strategies to improve their lives, work, and teams’ work.

“They figured out the heavy topics that need addressing and how we will transition them from strategic ideas to more operational things that happen daily,” said West.

“A lot of other people benefit from addressing these ideas,” he added. “We had almost 70 people involved in the summit. All 70 people contributed will positively affect the rest of the organization and clients.”


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