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Meet Mia Beltran

March 17th, 2023

Mia started her studies at the University of Colorado Boulder as undeclared. Midway through her first year, one of her friends showed her building models he had created in class. This motivated her to want to explore architecture, and after taking a few architecture classes, she was immediately hooked.

During her senior year, she met one of our architectural project managers and talent specialists at a career fair. During this interaction, she envisioned herself working for Galloway, and shortly after graduating in December 2021, she joined our team as an architectural designer.

She primarily works on storage projects, which she feels has been helpful for her growth while starting her career. “Storage is not as complex as some other projects, so I have been able to focus on building my foundation on Galloway standards with construction documents, planning documents, detail plans, and more.”

Mia enjoys working with her team and receives mentorship from her project manager, Maeve Kinsey. “My team is well organized, communicates well, and we have a good Mia Beltran started a Spanish Language Club at Galloway & Company system that produces good work,” she said. “Maeve has also been phenomenal in my growth and professional development. She walks through everything in depth.”

In addition to her work, Mia is involved in Galloway’s diversity and inclusion initiatives as one of the leaders of our Spanish language club. “This has been a great and fun way to bring my co-workers together to learn and practice something new.”

She does vinyasa or hot yoga before work in her free time to feel energized and focused throughout the day.

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