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Meet Tyler Vernon

July 21st, 2023

After working for Smith’s Food and Drug for nine years, Tyler Vernon wanted to try something new. His younger brother, a current CADD Technician at Galloway’s Pleasant Grove, Utah office, encouraged Tyler to apply for an open survey position.

Tyler had no idea surveying existed until he saw the job posting in the fall of 2021, but he applied anyway. He has been with Galloway as a Survey Field Technician for Tyler Vernon Feature Fridaynearly two years and loves it. His passion for the outdoors, detail-oriented mind, and previous drone experience with photography aligned well with surveying.

“The drone work took me by storm. They purchased a WingtraOne drone, and I have been the head person piloting it,” said Tyler. “The different angles and views are something I look for when I collect 3D images to build surfaces for a survey, and that is what I look for when doing drone photography.”

Having started his job with no prior surveying experience, Troy Kendall, survey project manager, and HDS and drone manager, mentored Tyler from the absolute basics and continues to mentor him.

“Troy pushes me forward to excel and learn. He trusts me to own my projects,” said Tyler.

Tyler picked up his first DSLR camera four years ago and has been enthusiastic about photography ever since. He takes senior portraits, weddings, and car photography in his free time.

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