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Meet Taylor Thormahlen

May 10th, 2024

After graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) with a degree in interior design, Taylor moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where she honed her craft designing interiors for country clubs. It was here that Taylor learned she loved problem-solving and working within budget constraints while still bringing her clients’ visions to life. She also found joy in transforming commercial spaces into warm, inviting havens with a touch of hospitality.

Three years into her job in Baltimore, Taylor sought new challenges and opportunities for growth, and moved to Denver, Colorado, to join Galloway. It was a decision driven by a desire for change and professional development. From her very first interview, she knew she had found the right fit—a place where personal connection is valued as much as technical expertise.

Taylor views projects through the lens of spatial dynamics, considering how people move and interact within a space. This holistic approach has earned her recognition, culminating in her recent promotion to senior interior designer. One Galloway project she is particularly proud of is the Colorado Christian Academy, an adaptive reuse project that allowed her to exercise her creativity while being mindful of the client’s needs and budget.

Taylor’s success didn’t happen in isolation. Along the way, she was guided by mentors who saw her potential and nurtured her talent. From a former colleague in Baltimore to a former senior interior designer at Galloway, their wisdom and support have been invaluable in her journey.

Currently, Taylor is navigating the complexities of leadership and mentorship, fostering meaningful relationships with clients, contractors, and colleagues alike.

Stemming from her childhood, Taylor is a huge sports fan, particularly of the Buffalo Bills. Not a single Sunday football game was missed, as she and her dad enjoy watching the Bills together.

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