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Meet Emma Alm

December 8th, 2023

Emma joined Galloway in June 2020 as an intern, beginning her professional career with the company. After graduating from Denver University in August of the Emma Alm Feature Fridayfollowing year with a major in mechanical engineering and a minor in medical physics, she swiftly transitioned into a full-time role after succeeding in her internship. Reflecting on her internship, Emma notes the distinction between working on real-world projects at Galloway, and fictional scenarios presented in previous internships. She was particularly impressed that Dave Guetig, Galloway’s President, took the time to check in with her.  

“It meant a lot to me that, even as a large corporate company, it remained very personable and people-oriented,” said Emma. “Even as an intern, Dave, the company president, took the time to ask about how my experience was going, how my classes were going, and was invested in getting to know me.” 

Additionally, unlike other job interviewing processes, Emma felt her experience with Galloway was uniquely personable. She appreciated the ease of conversations focused on her strengths and interests versus her classes, metrics, and grades.  

For Emma, the decision to accept a full-time offer at Galloway was simple. The company’s commitment to fostering personal and professional growth, and its real-world project focus made it an ideal fit for her budding career. Having been raised in a family with a background in radio sales, Emma discovered her knack for math in high school. Encouraged by her mom, she found her passion in engineering through projects like building race cars in school and crafting furniture with her dad. When starting college, she was initially drawn to aerospace engineering but shifted towards mechanical engineering as the problem-solving aspect appealed to her. 

At Galloway, Emma works on various projects, spanning storage facilities, offices, commercial spaces, and residential buildings. Her current favorite project she is working on is a storage facility with a variable refrigerant flow system.  

Emma’s mentors at Galloway are her supervisors, Alicia Thorpe, and John Palmer. She admires John’s level-headed, collected demeanor and ability to cut to the core of project issues. Alicia, a female leader in a male-dominated field, serves as an inspiration for Emma.  

“Both are not just concerned about what is best for the company. They want you to do well, they want you to be happy, and they want us to be our best for ourselves and the company,” said Emma regarding Alicia and John’s leadership.  

Outside the office, Emma finds joy in building things, expressing her artistic side through paint-by-numbers, and sharing her life with her rescued dog.  

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