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Meet Clare Harris

February 23rd, 2024

Clair Harris Feature FridayClare is a civil design engineer at Galloway whose passion for mathematics, hands-on work, and problem-solving drives her engineering journey. After graduating from the University of North Carolina Charlotte with a degree in civil engineering, Clare’s path became clear during an enlightening internship in land development the summer before her senior year.

Drawn to the diverse and evolving nature of land development projects, Clare found fulfillment in the intricate stages of grading, utilities, and the challenges each project presented. Before beginning her professional career, Clare embarked on a unique adventure, traveling the country to pursue her passion for rock climbing in a van she built herself. Embracing the nomadic lifestyle, she continued to live out of her van as she started her first job. However, two years later, she shifted gears, selling her van and beginning a new chapter at Galloway.

Since joining the company, Clare has consistently progressed from learning design fundamentals to confidently leading projects and engaging with clients and municipalities. Motivated by her supportive team at Galloway, she finds inspiration in the people she works with.

Guiding Clare through her career are Galloway mentors Troy Kelts, civil engineering project manager and senior associate atClair Harris Feature Friday Galloway, and Neal Anderson, civil project engineer. Clare values Troy’s attention to detail regarding site functionality and his guidance in navigating project coordination with clients, cities, and other stakeholders – a task she particularly enjoys. Meanwhile, Neal’s guidance in determining the optimal design has been instrumental in shaping Clare’s professional growth.

Clare’s project portfolio at Galloway spans various project types, including civil designs for multifamily residences, convenience stores, and restaurants. She enjoys working on small mid-range lots, typically around 1-5 acres and is working towards obtaining her Professional Engineer license.

Outside of work, Clare is an active member of the Denver Bouldering Club and explores the scenic landscape of Moab, Utah, through rock climbing. Her creative talents extend beyond engineering, as she enjoys woodworking and finds parallels between the structured approach of engineering and the artistic freedom of crafting pieces. From furnishing her entire van to creating intricate cutting boards and coasters, Clare’s creativity knows no bounds.


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