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Meet Alex Morgan

January 25th, 2024

Alex Morgan received a letter he had written to himself from his fifth-grade teacher on the day of his high school graduation party. He had no recollection of writing this letter, but upon reading it, it seemed he was destined to become an architect. In the letter, he noted that he wanted to be an architect when he grew up. Ironically, after taking a couple of drawing and 3D classes in high school, Alex thought architecture was not for him. But by his senior year, his love for problem-solving and figuring out how things work aligned, and Alex applied and was accepted into the University of Kansas’s Master of Architecture program.

Post-graduation, Alex worked for a smaller architecture firm before joining Galloway. Chris Carlson, the regional architectural team manager and principal, was kicking off Galloway’s new Wichita office and asked Alex to be his fourth hire. Alex was drawn to Galloway by the people, the transparency, and the willingness of people of all different job levels to engage. He specifically recalls his interview with Dave Guetig, Galloway’s president. “Dave told me he makes it a point to meet every new hire. He told me he wants everyone to know where he stands, his values, where the leadership team sits, and where their integrity and the company’s integrity come from,” said Alex.

As one of the first few to join the Wichita office, Alex enjoyed establishing its culture and learning what it means to be part of Galloway with new team members. Transparency and integrity are reflected in his team members. “They are all willing to discuss their backgrounds and knowledge and are open to questions. It is a friendly and hospitable environment,” said Alex. His team, specifically Chris and architectural project managers Dave Hoffman and Chad Voth, have given him ample opportunityAlex Morgan Feature Friday and trust to advance his career trajectory and grow his knowledge base.

Currently, Alex is an architectural designer and primarily works on retail projects. He touches multiple phases of projects, including coordination between the architecture team and other internal and/or external disciplines, preparing construction documents, implementing conceptual design, and working through permitting and jurisdictions. He specifically likes building client relationships and is also working towards his licensure.

Alex’s dad and his brother are his role models. “They taught me to be a good man, husband, and employee,” he said. “They taught me to live with integrity and to do the right thing even when someone is not watching. They taught me to have critical thinking skills and to push myself.”Alex finds new activities his family can enjoy in his free time. He has his wife Rachel, a 4-month-old, a 3-year-old, and a German shepherd. Alex is also passionate about discovering new information about multiple topics, such as history and finance, and enjoys teaching himself new things like juggling.

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