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April 13th, 2023

As part of a Commercial Real Estate Women Network (CREW) sponsored event, Galloway’s architecture team educated third graders at Mary G Carson Elementary School about architecture.

The students are participating in the school’s Spark Program, a project that involves creating a building plan complete with drawings, dimensions, materials, and a budget. To kick off the program and inspire the students, our architects Safa Obaid, Sydney Angel, and Lisa Myszkowski presented their work, what plans are, how to make plans, and the projects they are working on.

Safa, Sydney, and Lisa then assisted the students through the process of drawing a building plan.

“Many of them kept drawing and erasing things, so we asked questions to generate ideas such as ‘What do you want it to look like? Who is using your space?'” said Lisa. “Then the next time we checked in, they had a drawing they were proud of and started pulling more ideas together.”

“It inspired us to see them having so much fun being creative and drawing things they are passionate about,” added Sydney. “Students drew buildings such as fashion studios, cheese factories, airports, the Great Wolf Lodge, and even a Squishmallow store.”

Laura Eley, the school’s early career exploration specialist, said: “We appreciate you [Galloway] taking the time to have an engaging conversation with the students about architecture, and they loved the activity.”

Our team has been invited to the students’ final showcase and looks forward to seeing what they will have created.

Galloway has been attending CREW events for the past few years. Founded in 1989, CREW is a global organization that advances all women in commercial real estate through business networking, industry research, leadership development, and career outreach. It is currently the premier business network dedicated to transforming the retail real estate industry by advancing women globally.

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