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Galloway Uses BIM 360 to Manage Your Project More Affordably and Efficiently

October 15th, 2020

At Galloway, we always strive to remain an early adopter of technology. We recognize that there are now a variety of cloud-based solutions that eliminate the issues experienced when storing data on servers. After evaluating a variety of platforms in order to identify the right solution to address the needs of every discipline provided by our firm, we determined that Autodesk BIM 360 was uniquely tailored for how we support our clients’ projects.

Traditionally, civil engineering firms store projects on physical servers kept on site. However, the use of BIM 360 creates several significant benefits over traditional solutions:

Our adoption of the BIM 360 platform allows us to take our service to a whole new level in order to deliver exceptional results. By using the latest and most advanced technology available, we can more effectively bring your vision to life.

civil engineering design plans stored in BIM 360What Is BIM 360?

Building Information Modeling 360 (BIM 360) is a cloud storage platform that has the ability to store all of the data for our projects. There’s unlimited space, eliminating the need to continuously seek out new storage solutions over time.

We’re able to use BIM 360 with all our clients, from site investigations to fully-designed projects. It provides a complete collaborative environment for an entire project, allowing us to streamline the process of managing and storing design information. This enables different departments, whether it’s survey, civil engineering, or architecture, to work together more effectively and collaboratively, which is crucial for our ability to deliver the exceptional results you expect on your project.

Benefits of BIM 360

We feel that BIM 360 is the most effective solution for Galloway, as it provides numerous benefits throughout every stage of the design process.

Remote Accessibility

BIM 360 provides easier remote access to data. The shared model allows multiple people to work on the design file from different remote locations.

Previously, staff had to remote into a separate system using a VPN, and multiple simultaneous connections could result in bandwidth issues. BIM 360 eliminates the need to use a VPN, which provides several important benefits:

BIM 360 also allows for mobile accessibility. All documents can be accessed on a mobile device in the field, worked on at the site, and sent back to staff working in the office in real time. This allows instant feedback on updates and clarifications to questions while  still at the site, providing for a more efficient workflow.

Improved Security

The security issues posed by storing data on servers are essentially eliminated with BIM 360. The platform grants secure access to all files as long as an Internet connection is available. At Galloway, we take the security of your design information very seriously, and this provides peace of mind that data will be safe.

BIM 360 is also an effective solution for projects involving high levels of security clearance or non-disclosure agreements. Access to the data is granted to specific staff in every project, ensuring conformation to the security guidelines or terms of the project.

construction worker using BIM 360 to access design files at a work site

Greater Ease of Collaboration

The shared model used by BIM 360 allows for greater collaboration among everyone working on the project:

Cost Savings

BIM 360 provides a more cost-effective solution to manage projects. The increased collaboration occurring when we use BIM 360 allows us to recognize design challenges much earlier in the process. This makes it easier to update the design before construction starts.

Galloway Provides a Full-Spectrum Approach™ to Better Address Your Needs

At Galloway, we bring a multidisciplinary mindset to every project. We believe that personal relationships and a collaborative process are critical to the success of your project. Whether we’re assisting with civil engineering, architectural design, land planning, surveying, or a combination of these services, you’ll benefit from our Full Spectrum Approach™ to project design. This involves:

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