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Empowering Women in Engineering: Emmi’s Journey and the Power of Mentorship

February 22nd, 2024

In a world where engineering has historically been male-dominated, exposing women to the industry is crucial for breaking down barriers and inspiring them to pursue STEM careers. Emmi Miodonski, a senior at Mountain Vista High School, exemplifies the impact of such opportunities. While her father’s profession introduced her to engineering early on, her internship at Galloway solidified her decision to pursue civil engineering in college and beyond.

“I think a lot of girls go into engineering with the mindset that it is going to be physically demanding,” said Emmi. “Getting into the workplace and working on real projects gave me experience of what I would do after college. Girls need to take these opportunities to see if they like it.”

Emmi’s enthusiasm for building design and her passion for creating instruction manuals for the built world align perfectly with civil engineering. Despite her initial lack of in-depth knowledge, Emmi immersed herself in her internship at Galloway, even dedicating school breaks to further her learning. Jenny Romano, principal and senior civil engineering project manager at Galloway, and her team guided Emmi through the basics of civil engineering, progressing from concept plans to drainage calculations, utility layouts, and construction plans. Emmi also received extensive AutoCAD and Civil 3D training with Galloway’s Civil 3D/BIM integration and training specialist.

For her second semester with Galloway, she advanced to working on real retail projects. This experience has deepened her passion for civil engineering, highlighted the importance of communication and teamwork, and fostered a sense of belonging within the team.

“She is not just an intern. She is an integral part of the team,” said Hannah Porter, civil project engineer at Galloway. “She also brings a youthful energy that prompts meIntroduce a Girl to Engineering 2024 to consider projects from different perspectives when I teach her about them.”

Jenny, Emmi’s mentor at Galloway, was thrilled when Emmi joined. Having had a female mentor who made a massive difference in her career, Jenny is passionate about providing opportunities for young women in engineering.

“I was blessed to have internships and a female mentor that helped me determine civil engineering is what I want to do for the rest of my life,” said Jenny. “I want to help young females get into engineering and work hard to keep them.”

Jenny recognizes the significance of female representation in the industry and is committed to nurturing the next generation of female engineers.

“I feel like I have been able to show that you can have a successful career and be a great mom. I want to provide all my support to let women know you can do both because females make a huge difference in this industry.”

For Emmi, seeing herself working alongside successful women in the industry is particularly impactful. For Jenny, Emmi’s journey is personally rewarding, as she is pivotal in helping Emmi discover her passion for engineering and a part in the beginning of her promising career journey.

“It has been very eye-opening to see what a career in civil engineering looks like after college. It will push me through college when it gets tough,” said Emmi. Emmi will attend Colorado State University to major in civil engineering and minor in business.

Emmi’s story serves as a reminder of the transformative power of mentorship and hands-on experience in shaping the future of engineering. By empowering young women like Emmi to pursue their passions and break stereotypes, we pave the way for a more inclusive and innovative world.

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