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2023 National STEM Day

November 8th, 2023

National STEM Day is an annual celebration dedicated to promoting STEM education and careers among our youth. As part of our core values to build a strong community, Galloway actively advances the lives of our youth through STEM exposure. We achieve this by mentoring high school students through the ACE mentorship program, offering internships to high school students, educating elementary students about architecture and engineering, and participating in STEM days hosted by The Society of American Military Engineers and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

“Our goal is to encourage kids from an early age to discover skills they already have from taking toys apart and figuring out how they work or playing with Legos,” said Safa Obaid, architectural designer at Galloway.

Safa proudly recalled her participation in a Commercial Real Estate Women Network (CREW) STEM event earlier this year. “The elementary students were excited about our presentation on architecture, and I was amazed to see them thinking out of the box with their design concepts.”

“Our STEM outreach programs are a great way to introduce elementary to high school students to the broader concepts of STEM and specific career paths in the AEC industry,” adds Jessica Greenough, civil technical project manager and associate at Galloway. Jessica emphasizes the importance of the ACE program, stating, “ACE specifically allows students to fully understand the day-to-day work of architects and engineers and how STEM skills learned in the classroom can apply to real-world problems.”

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