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Millcreek Youth Center Renovations

Millcreek Youth Center Renovations - Building

Client Name

Department of Human Services


Ogden, Utah

Completion Date

May 2020


36,000 sf

Galloway was tasked with completing a comprehensive review, evaluation, and revision of the previous feasibility study for the vocational, clinical, and pro-social renovation of Millcreek Youth Center in Ogden, Utah. This involved in-depth programming and preliminary design discussions with the Utah Department of Juvenile Justice Services and onsite investigations by our structural, mechanical, and electrical subconsultants. The result was a clear identification of the overall scope of work needed to remodel the facility.

The expansion and upgrade focused on establishing cutting-edge physical and mental health treatment facilities to meet the long-term needs of the youth population. The proximity to the Weber Valley Multi-Use Youth Center and other medical facilities influenced the specific services provided, necessitating security upgrades.

Our team worked to enhance the facility’s services and capacity to accommodate 114 youths, along with the following key improvements:

These additions helped the facility adapt to changes in program philosophies and meet the general needs of its growing population.

Galloway provided architectural and interior design services for the renovation.


Jim Child

Regional Architectural Team Manager

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Scott Holmes

Sr. Associate
Sr. Architectural Project Manager

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